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March 28, 2016
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April 28, 2016
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Eddie Priefert on Wildlife

Eddie Priefert - Intro

Many people in the wildlife industry recognize me from my time with the Hunting Shows – Priefert’s Backwoods Bloodline and The Priefert’s. Interestingly enough, I had only ever shot one deer prior to filming those shows. I had grown up hunting ducks, hogs, etc, but not deer, mainly because our land just wasn’t managed for deer. Filming the show presented me the opportunity to visit a variety of ranches, similar to ours, but that included a land management plan for wildlife. I remember filming a show with Clay Forst, owner of the Stuart Ranch in Oklahoma. He and I talked at length about all the things he had done on his ranch to manage the ground not just for his ranch stock, but also for the whitetail population. That really made an impression on me.

Around that same time, I developed a friendship with Mike Ford. Mike owns Rio Rojo Rancho, a high fence deer ranch in northeast Texas. He introduced me to the concept of how deer are handled and worked. Starting with his deer chute design, I used my background with manufacturing to streamline the production process, and Priefert Mfg. became the OEM manufacturer for Mike’s deer handling equipment.

Fast forward to a year later, and Mike was constantly complaining about his deer feeders. The idea is to get deer as much nutrition as possible without wasting any of the expensive feed. I asked Mike what he needed to solve his problem. He told me he wanted a trough-style feeder that incorporated a way to keep the feed dry, and that the feeder needed to be mobile. From that conversation, I started working on prototypes with my team. One of the early ones had a roof, but deer wouldn’t go under it to stick their head in the feeder. We went through several prototypes before we finally landed on the ADF prototype in 2013. I gave Mike a few to test with his deer and I put some out on the ranch to see how wild deer would react. I was feeding a mix of corn and protein feed and I was seeing a lot of deer come to the feeders, as was Mike. By 2015, testing was complete and the final design was ready to be launched.

Today, we have around 700 acres of our ranch dedicated to wildlife. I have 4 boys that all love to hunt. With all the work that I’m doing to constantly learn more about wildlife management and to improve our wildlife equipment, I’m building a future for my boys to enjoy. The best part is, that I’ll get to enjoy that with them.

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  1. Mike Ford says:

    Up on the Red River in North Texas , we received 7 inches of rain last Friday. End of April 2016. We have 10 ADF 1000# Feeders on our ranch. We had guest Eastern Turkey hunting that weekend. The next morning we were picking up hunters, (One missed, One connected) on the way back to the Lodge, one hunter asked aren’t you going to check those feeders, after all the rain yesterday. I replied “No Sir. We have used the Priefert Feeders for two years , I know my feed is dry.” Later in the day on the way back for an afternoon hunt , I stopped by one feeder and showed them how dry the feed was. AMAZING, was the reply. Amazing it is, not going to clean feed after a hard rain. Simply amazing is the ADF 1000# feeder. ” How much feed did you clean out last Saturday?” Rancher, Breeder, Hunting Ranch Owner. I can’t afford to waste feed. Can You? Mike Ford

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