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May 11, 2016
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May 25, 2016
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Deer Pond Panarama

Intro to Deer Pond and Bell Place

I chose two of the eight food plots to focus on for these blog posts, Deer Pond and Bell Place. We are in the third season food plot at Deer Pond and this is the first season for Bell Place. While both serve the same purpose they are quite different.

Deer Pond

Deer Pond is one of my favorite food plots that we have done. When we were kids, my brothers and I would come swimming down here. There used to be a creek that ran through this field and when it dammed up, it created a pond. Every time we came down here we would see deer or deer tracks, hence the name Deer Pond. As we got older, the dam eventually busted but we still refer to this spot as Deer Pond.

This area encompasses about 20 acres in total. In the middle of the 20 acres, I have a 2 acre food plot with peas and milo. Right beside the food plot, on the north side, is a 2 acre Perennial Food plot which contains vetch, clover, and snow peas. A little further to the north and east, past the perennial food plot, is a creek that runs off of the neighbors place. (This is the original creek that formed Deer Pond before the dam busted.) It puts off plenty of water so no permanent water structures are needed.

Bell Place

Bell Place got its name from the people we bought the land from, The Bells. Bell Place adjoins the Priefert Ranch on the East side and has about 200 acres. It joins Deer Pond to the North and the rest of the wildlife area to the west. The reason I picked out this area is because it is on a hilltop with good drainage and the deer can travel from Deer Pond through 75 acres of woods and end up at Bell Place. I went ahead and cleared out about an acre of trees to plant a food plot. I left a tree about every 20 yards just because deer don’t want to be in a wide open area. Some people may want to clear out a wide open lane, but in my research and experience, deer don’t want to be out in the open.

This food plot is about an acre and a half with both clay peas and grain sorghum. An acre and a half is a little small, but it works because of the location. The deer will never be more than 25 yards from cover and won’t have to travel more than 200 yards for food, water, or cover. My Priefert Automated Wildlife Feeder has been on site for a couple months and we have a bunch of deer tracks surrounding the feeder and food plot. I’m really excited about the potential of this food plot.
While Deer Pond only has two ingredients, food and water, Bell Place has all three, food, water, and cover. So if Deer Pond doesn’t meet all of the requirements, why did I pick it? Check back every Wednesday as we dig deeper into a Food Plot Series including Site Selection and Soil Sampling.

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