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July 13, 2016
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July 27, 2016
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Bell Place Update

I planted the Bell Place food plot on May 1st so it has about 2 months’ worth of growth. With very little rain this summer, I can’t believe how good it looks! As you might recall from the “What To Plant” blog, this food plot sits on about an acre and a half. While this is a smaller food plot, it works because of the availability to the three key ingredients: Food, Cover, and Water.

At this food plot, we planted a mixture of Grain Sorghum and Cowpeas. Since we have had very little rain this summer, planting Cowpeas was a really choice. Up to this point, the Grain Sorghum has acted as a shade for the Cowpeas, as well as given the Cowpeas a stalk to grow on. Now that the Cowpeas have been established, the deer won’t be able to keep up with the quickly growing plant.

As we walk through the food plot, I can’t help but notice all of the deer tracks. There are deer tracks of all sizes everywhere! The tops are being eaten out of the Cowpeas which is a really good sign! This is every wildlife manager’s dream and I can’t wait to see what we attract in the years to come.

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