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July 27, 2016
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August 3, 2016
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Quick Tip - Growth Cage

Have you ever wondered how much your food plot is actually being utilized? An easy and affordable way to measure your success is with a growth cage. The cage is just a small fenced in area that keeps wildlife from eating the growth inside the cage. The height of the growth inside the cage is simply compared to the growth outside the cage.

You can construct the cage out of any material, just keep in mind that wire or mesh will help keep rodents out. I would recommend the area being about 4-5 feet high and 2-3 feet in diameter.

We took this a step further and mounted game cameras to the outside of the cage. There weren’t any tree’s nearby to mount the game camera to so we simply mounted it to the T-post that held down the growth cage. Not only can we tell how much is being consumed, but we can tell what it is being consumed by!

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