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August 17, 2016
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Intro to Trees Episode 4: Fruit

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about the different types of trees that are planted in my wildlife areas around the ranch. For this last episode, I wanted to talk a little bit about fruit trees. In my opinion, all wildlife areas need fruit trees.

There are numerous different species of fruit trees that you can plant. I’ve personally had the best luck with planting persimmon, pear and plum trees. The fruit trees that would work best in your area really just depends on your area.

Your local nursery should be able to help in deciding which trees would be best for your area. If you want to do some research on your own, I suggest determining which species are native in your area – based on climate and soil. I would also look into the drought resistance, time until fruit is produced and even the distance needed between each tree. All of these things will attribute to the success of your food plot.

Once you decide what to plant, the next decision is what to purchase – starter trees or seedlings. According to “The Wildlife Group”, the top two options are bareroots and container plants. Bareroots require the smallest amount of effort and container plants are larger and closer to production.

Once fruit trees get established, they will provide an additional food source for your wildlife. Not only do the wildlife eat the fruit off the trees, but they also eat the leaves. All of my food plots have 2-3 fruit trees. One way that my boys help with the fruit trees is by collecting the seeds. This is an easy and economical way to reproduce fruit trees while also getting the boys involved.

I hope you have enjoyed the Tree Series. Check back next Wednesday to see what we are up to. As always, this has just been my experience with growing trees. Contact your local nursery for tips on what would work best in your area. Feel free to leave a comment with your experience!

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