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Pesky Insects

Do you have trouble with wasps or ants? You are not alone. Here on the Priefert Ranch, these insects are an issue for both the wildlife and cattle program.

After years of trial and error, I have finally found an affordable, simple solution to keep insects away from my wildlife feeders and game cameras - cattle ear tags that repel flies. Your local farm store will probably have numerous options that you can pick from. I would just look at the types of insects that it will repel and an estimated length of time that the tags will last.

I keep ear tags both inside and outside of my game cameras and Priefert Wildlife Feeders. So what type of game cameras do I use?

In my opinion, the best game camera on the market is RECONYX. These game cameras will outlast competitors and they are just flat out built the best. Every picture taken from a game camera on the Priefert Ranch is with a RECONYX camera. In an effort to make my game camera last as long as possible, I keep an ear tag hanging both inside and outside my RECONYX game camera year round.

One thing I have learned is to try and not overthink possible solutions. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my simple solution to pesky insects!

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