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October 13, 2016
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Preparing the Fall Food Plot at Deer Pond

Today I’d like to give you a little more insight on the learning experience I’ve had over the past year. It’s mid-October and we are working on the fall plots. There are a lot of things that I did at Deer Pond last year that I’m going to try and do better in the years to come.

The spring food plot at Deer Pond didn’t turn out real well. Back in the spring I had a lot of problems with crab grass. Once the crab grass started coming up it killed all of the cowpeas and grain sorghum that I had planted.

This fall we are going to try and kill as many summer weeds and crab grass as possible. About a month ago I sprayed round up and waited a couple weeks and sprayed again. A couple of weeks later I disked it, waited a week until growth started coming up and sprayed again. Hopefully by spraying the weeds early on, they won’t try to regrow.

As far as planting, typically I no-till drill. A lot of the feedback I heard from you guys was that you didn’t have a no-till drill so I’m going to prepare the Deer Pond food plot with a disk and Bell Place with a no-till drill.

Once the grass and weeds are killed, all that’s left is bare dirt. I’m going to start by spreading 13-13-13 fertilizer over the entire foodplot and then go back over the food plot and lightly disk it into the ground. A lot of the research I’ve done says to use a chain harrow or drag. You can definitely do that; however, that means you have to haul more equipment. What I do is fertilize, disk, spread seed and then disk it again to put the seed deeper into the ground – which is what the drag would do.

After the seed is in the ground, all that is left to do is sit back and wait. It won’t take long for you to be able to tell how well your food plot is doing. Hopefully you have learned something this week. Check back next week and I’ll discuss the seed that was planted.

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