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Positioning Your Deer Stand

It’s finally hunting season here in Texas! Over the past few weeks, several people have asked how and where to position their deer stand. Figuring out where to put your stand can be one of the hardest things to figure out. You have to take several things into consideration like wind direction, the direction deer are travelling and where your 3 ingredients are located: food, cover and water.

Did you know that deer have up to 297 million scent receptors in their nose?? In comparison, dogs have 220 million and humans have just 5 million receptors. This means that positioning your stand based on wind direction is critical. In my case, the bucks on the ranch typically stay in the northern area of the woods where all of the cover is. Knowing this, I tried to find an area with a tree in the east because the south wind will push away from me when I’m in the stand.

When I started looking, I couldn’t find the “perfect” spot to put my bow stand. After quite a bit of searching, I finally found a grove of cedars that could easily be cleared out to make a hunting area in the woods, so that’s what I did. I took a bull dozer and cleared out as many cedars as possible while leaving the oak trees.

The next important thing to check is the wind. Ideally the wind will be blowing in your face while in the stand so that your scent doesn’t go towards the deer while at the feeder or coming through the woods. There are tons of different products on the market that will eliminate your scent that work, but nothing is 100%. My best suggestion would be to determine which direction the wind typically blows and put your stand in that direction.

Hopefully this blog will help you better determine where to position your stand. Check back next time and I’ll go into a little more details about stands and feeder placement. Don’t forget, we also have a Priefert Wildlife Facebook page and you can even subscribe to the Priefert Wildlife YouTube Channel.

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