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November 30, 2016
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December 30, 2016
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Bow Stand and Feeder Tips

Timing and safety are critical when dealing with a wildlife management area, particularly bow stands and feeders. Your scent needs to be as undetectable in these areas as possible so that wildlife are comfortable coming into your wildlife management area. As we discussed in the previous blog, Positioning Your Deer Stand, deer have very keen senses. If the wildlife can detect your scent, chances are they will find another spot to frequent.

In my opinion, setting up your bow stand as early in the season as possible is critical. I would recommend setting it up months in advance even. Since we hunt here on my ranch, I actually leave my bow stands up year round. This helps ensure that if we get busy and I’m unable to get the stands set up on time that all we have to do is check the straps. Each year before hunting season starts I take my boys to the bow stands and we check the straps to make sure it is still tight and secure.

While a lot of people may not think its necessary, I like to feed my deer year round to make sure they are getting plenty of protein and minerals. Feeding year round also helps ensure that the deer continue coming to the same location to eat. I try to check the wildlife areas at least once a month between 11am and 3pm to make sure there is feed and the feeder is in good working condition. Checking the area at this time will help ensure that I do not disturb the wildlife as they tend to travel in the early mornings or late evenings.

If you haven’t had the results that you were hoping for this hunting season, I hope that some of these blogs have helped to answer your questions. To view past blogs and stay in touch with everything we are doing here on the ranch, click the “From The Blind” tab on the Priefert Wildlife website or follow us on Facebook.

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